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ASAP are coming to your rescue this Black Friday. Are your eyes too big for your boot? ASAP can help you this Black Friday in getting your purchases home, at a great rate. Are you planning on buying for Black Friday? To help you stay one step ahead of the rest we have compiled our Black Friday ‘Survival Guide’.

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days for shoppers to score top deals on Christmas gifts. We have created a handy survival guide to help you through the sales frenzy on Friday 23 November, so that you are ready and raring to go.

Many consumers are on high alert on the hunt for massive bargains. Whether you’re shopping in-store or bargain hunting from the comfort of your sofa, the trick is to shop around and research items you want to buy well in advance rather than splashing out on a whim. For shoppers – who brave the physical stores – it can be an unnerving event but, if you’re savvy you really can save yourself a lot of money (be it if you manage to avoid the fights breaking out over a TV in the car park).

Step 1: Preparation is key.

Get yourself organised, research, make a list and set your budget (sticking to this could be the main hurdle). Look online early to see which of your favourite brands you can expect to get your hands on, with top-notch deals available.

Step 2: Don’t miss a trick.

Companies get ready for the rush in early November and target customers across social media and through email marketing communications. Keep an eagle eye out for discounts and to ensure that you are aware when sales go live. Arranging your own delivery is usually quicker and more cost effective (a certain delivery company comes to mind?).

Step 3: Have a backup plan.

Have a backup card ready, no money, no goods and your Black Friday dreams in tatters.

Step 4: Recruit a friend.

Moral support may be required, be it for a second opinion, or merely someone to help hold the shopping bags.

Step 5: Are you actually getting a bargain?

Check out the price instead of the advertised “saving”. Big discounts can sometimes be an exaggeration.

Step 6: Charge up.

Offers will be coming in fast and ready on your devices, make sure they are charged up the night before, so that you can stay connected.

Step 7: Treat yourself.

Take regular breaks, don’t burn yourself out, Black Friday may be serious business but there are limits to the madness – plus, if you don’t rest your body and brain you could risk making disastrous bargain choices!

Step 8: Stay hydrated.

In a sense, Black Friday is a form of extreme sport, it cannot be taken lightly, ensure that you are performing at your best on the shopping floor, or even at your laptop for fuel get that water down you.

Step 9: Food fuel.

You have some tough decisions to make so ensure that you aren’t hunting on an empty stomach – a big breakfast will get you set for the day ahead! Snacks on the go is a necessity as well!

Step 10: Get your purchases home safely.

If it’s those white goods, large items, a TV, or whether you have gone on a such a budget spending spree that you can’t fit all your car, get in touch today and ASAP will come to your rescue!