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Did you know that 63% of SMEs in Britain are exporting? This number is on the rise as more SMEs see the advantages of connecting with new customers on an international scale. If you are looking to explore new markets and grow your business, read our 10 tips for international expansion.

1. Choose the right market to suit your business model –prior to exporting abroad, you will need to do thorough research and understand the local market requirements, and how you can differentiate from your competitors.  The Department for International Trade offers UK businesses a portal with the pros and cons of exporting to specific countries.

2. Understand the local regulations – check the commodity code for your goods and confirm what documents are required for exporting, also research if there are custom duties to be paid. Our team is more than happy to assist you with information on local regulations and document requirements.

3. Shipping – how are you shipping your goods? Here at ASAP Express we offer a reliable and cost-effective range of services, standard road and express worldwide.  It is vital to give customers a realistic time frame of delivery, gaining trust from your clients.

4. Delivery method and cost – when you are trading internationally, shipping can be expensive, therefore it is important to come up with a delivery model that allows you to charge the right amount per item ordered; weighing and taking dimensions of the product is vital. You can also offer your customers economy delivery and Express methods.

5. Package your items correctly – make sure that your goods are wrapped and packed correctly ensuring that they are delivered undamaged. Get in touch today with our friendly team who can advise you on packaging your products correctly.

6. Check your paperwork
– when shipping internationally you will need to make sure that you have all documents in place such as commercial invoices, packing lists, shipping notes, a certificate of origin and /or commercial licences. Sounds complicated? At ASAP Express we offer this service digitally.

7. Enable tracking – use a tracking tool to follow your consignments – this allows you and the customer to see where the goods are located and also gives an indication of delivery time frames.

8. Go that extra mile – customers are more likely to return if you go above and beyond, this could be small little extras such as offering additional security or compliance documentation. If something does go wrong, notify the customer and explain how you will rectify this.

9. Ask questions – our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of sending goods abroad and are always happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

10. Explore opportunities and try! In today’s connected world, achieving success maybe easier than you think.

Speak to us today and find out how ASAP Express can help with international deliveries.

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